Starring: Felino Dolloso, Iwona Abramowicz, Eliza St John, Demitra Alexandria
Written & Directed by: Dicky Tanuwidjaya
Cinematography by: Ferry Lie
Edited by: Leon Hooke & Dicky Tanuwidjaya
Music by: Jamie Murgatroyd


Follow Rafael, a mischievous man who pursues his passion for music and acting after losing his corporate job, his marriage and his home. Despite hitting rock bottom, he never loses his sense of cheekiness and his passion for life. Even though he has lost everything, he still insists that he is a happy man. But is he really happy? Is it really the fame and glory that he’s seeking for? Or is it something else?

Genre: Mockumentary, Comedy, Drama

VOD (Australia): Available on Google Play Australia and FetchTV.



VOD (USA, Canada, UK): Available on iTunes US , Canada and UK.





Inside-FilmExcerpts from IF magazine article (click link for full article):

The top layer of Adventures of a Happy Homeless Man is a comedy. It’s about a mischievous man who deals with life difficulties with confidence and his own unique humorous view of life. Underneath the comedy layer, there’s a subtle-yet-impactful drama layer that ask the questions about happiness, passion, self-discovery and love




FILMINK_logoFILMINK interview with Director Dicky Tanuwidjaya: “… I hope that the audience can think about how the characters actually relate to themselves or someone they know.” – Click here for Full Interview.



Starring: Felino Dolloso, Eliza St John, Demitra Alexandria, Rico Banderas, Iwona Abramowicz,  Nathan Bowen,  Robert Luxford, Jemwel Danao, Robin Queree, Maninho de Aruanda, Jorge Cortes Atanacio, John Gomez Goodway, Peter Bertoni, Aleksandra Voronina, Albert Shlemon.



FILMINK_logo Review from FILMINK: “…. wears its heart on its sleeve and proves itself with a surprisingly emotional finale“. Click here for Full Review by John Noonan from FILMINK.



brag_logo_190w  Interview with The Brag Magazine: “I want the audience to have some fun while watching the film, but also think about how the characters – not just Rafael – deal with life difficulties, and how they solve problems in humorous ways. I want the film to inspire people not to give up on their dreams, despite all the challenges in life. ” – For Full Interview, Click Here




“..… a story that focuses more on the emotional journey of the characters” – Dicky Tanuwidjaya discusses his film with Matthew Eeles from Cinema Australia. Click here for Full Interview





A comedy for the thinking person” – Full for article, click here



(re)Search my Trash website: My life has been full of ups and downs. I wanted to make a movie about someone who has hit rock bottom, but still being optimistic in life.” – Dicky Tanuwidjaya interviewed by Mike Haberfelner. Click Here for Full Interview.


(re)Search my Trash website: “… you’ve got yourself … well, maybe the best feel good movie you’ve ever seen!!!” – Click here for Full Review by Mike Haberfelner.


Rogue Cinema review: “… a sparkling and joyful look at a loveable loser and his search for completeness. It’s a clever addition to the mockumentary movie genre.” – Click here for Full Review by Philip Smolen


Its over the top situational comedy, and lovable main character easily make it a fun-to-watch kind of film. I laughed, I giggled and then… I teared up a little. A solid flick. Period.” – Review from IndyRed.


One Film Fan website : “… very clever indie cinema, well-made, and a credit to the efforts and end products filmmakers with these kinds of limited budgets are able to achieve. ” – click here for Full Review from Kirk Fernwood



Excerpts from My Local World “… those hapless characters who, on the surface, look like they’ve lost everything, but still they manage to place one foot in front of the other and carry on. They’re endearing because they remain hopeful for their future, regardless of their current circumstances” – Click here for Full Article written by Erica Enriquez.





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