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Dicky Tanuwidjaya (Writer/Director):

* Tanuwidjaya’s second feature film, Adventures of a Happy Homeless Man, was released theatrically in Sydney, Australia. The film is available for digital rent on Google Play Australia & FetchTV Australia . Also available on iTunes US , iTunes Canada and iTunes UK .

See Happy Homeless Man tab for more details.


Inside-Film Inside Film article about the Sydney theatrical release: “I wanted to make a movie that’s entertaining and also makes people think.” – Click here for Full Article.

FILMINK_logoFILMINK interview with Director Dicky Tanuwidjaya: “… every time that I write a screenplay, there’s always a character that has hit rock bottom. I wanted to make a movie about how someone struggles to bounce back, and finally comes back stronger than ever.” – Click here for Full Interview.

* Tanuwidjaya’s debut feature film was micro-budget action/thriller/dark-comedy titled The Devil’s 6 Commandments that got limited theatrical in Sydney, Australia.  The film is available on Digital Downloads in North America and in Australia. See ‘The Devil’s 6 Commandments’ tab for more details.

* Reviews:

“Made with a certain panache and wit, this revenge thriller is a great calling card for the intriguingly named Dicky Tanuwidjaya. Stylish opening credits alert us to a genre sensibility that could go far.”  – Urban Cinefile’s review of The Devil’s 6 Commandments

Tanuwidjaya keeps everything moving at a nice clip by switching the film’s POV between the different characters. He also inserts lots of entertaining transitions.” –  Underground Film Journal review of The Devil’s 6 Commandments

“Dicky Tanuwidjaya‘s debut feature is either a work of absolute genius or the product of a deranged mind. Your pick there, just grab a session of the movie to make your mind up, I’m going with the first option by the way. If expecting simply another revenge flick then you are in for a shock, Tanuwidjaya plays around with the notion of faith, violence, and exactly what constitutes a movie, to startling effect.Scary Minds website

The Devil’s 6 Commandments is an original story with smartly written characters that engage the audience. Director/Writer Dicky Tanuwidjaya proves to have some strong skills in the storytelling department and makes the most of the movie’s microbudget.” – Video Vault website

The Devil’s 6 Commandments is a stylish – and stylised – thriller that is both dark and darkly humorous.” – Pulp Movies review of The Devil’s 6 Commandments

Dicky Tanuwidjaya showed some great talent and a whole lot of potential” – Film Bizarro website

….so winning and so interesting you can’t help feeling for and rooting for the guy, thanks to a very empathetic direction” – (re)Search My Trash review of Adventures of a Happy Homeless Man.

“… from writer/director Dicky Tanuwidjaya and it’s a witty and sarcastic look at how the camera stops people from being themselves” – Rogue Cinema review of Adventures of a Happy Homeless Man

“… Dicky Tanuwidjaya’s 99-minute mockumentary effort, more specifically from the standpoints of absolutely lauding the creativeness in execution, characters offered, and overall narrative design … ” – One Film Fan review of Adventures of a Happy Homeless Man

“… Dicky Tanuwidjaya still pulls off an excellent movie with the help of his talented cast and crew.” – IndyRed review of Adventures of a Happy Homeless Man.


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